Hire for Culture Fit – if You Have One Many hiring managers or HRDs have trouble explaining or describing their companies' culture. No surprise there, but it does make it hard to ensure that your new high – value hires are going to fit right in – if you yourself are not sure what they will be fitting right into. When describing their cultures, … [Read more...]



Attracting exceptional people to work with you is a key characteristic of an outstanding leader.  The question is, how do you select the best people internally, or if necessary,hire them externally –and, as is often the case, quickly? The evidence shows that this is not an easy task:  Peter Drucker, “the man who invented management,” estimated that … [Read more...]

HRD Can Help CEOs Succeed – Cornerstone

Cornerstone International Group

Two recent studies suggest a seldom-spoken secret about leadership: in essence, the corner office may not be the source of strength we assume it is, but a weak link in the chain. The first study was Cornerstone International Group’s annual Cornerstone global probe. We were looking for solutions HRDs could implement to help CEOs /Business Division … [Read more...]

Today’s Job Market – Cornerstone

Today’s Job Market

So, how’s the job market? As a professional recruiter with 19 offices in Asia and 70 offices worldwide, this is a question I get asked all the time.   Many business leaders also share their perceptions of the talent market with me with words like tight, flat, robust, competitive, and so on. However, the war for talent requires much more than a … [Read more...]

About Authenticity : About Authenticity Brené Brown, University of Houston Researcher Professor+ Huffington Endowed Chair

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My son, who is now an independent adult, introduced me to Brené Brown when he was a student in college. He had seen her TED Talk on Vulnerability and wanted me to see it to understand what he had been thinking about. She was able to put his thoughts to words. Years later I met Brené at a conference in London England at the annual gathering of the … [Read more...]