About Authenticity : About Authenticity Brené Brown, University of Houston Researcher Professor+ Huffington Endowed Chair

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My son, who is now an independent adult, introduced me to Brené Brown when he was a student in college. He had seen her TED Talk on Vulnerability and wanted me to see it to understand what he had been thinking about. She was able to put his thoughts to words. Years later I met Brené at a conference in London England at the annual gathering of the … [Read more...]

Americans Buy Chinese Companies & Start Out With High Hopes

This story I’m about to tell you is short and its vis a vis of nothing. But it’s important in the context of a 2016 when Chinese M&A is in the news. If we step out of the realm of SMEs and completely into the realm of large multinational corporations, one of the favored ways to make a splash in the China market is to buy up promising emerging … [Read more...]

Chinese M&A in America, Culture Matters


The follow article written by Damjan DeNoble hits the nail on the head. A few years back, I was involved in advisingto aftermath of a failed M&A project for a global life science client, who was misled by their local management in China on the potential business prospect of a M&A deal in China, which sounded perfect on paper. Apparently … [Read more...]

World Day of Cultural Diversity May 21

Cornerstone China

In 2002, the United Nations introduced the annual World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, or Cultural Diversity Day, for short. In the wake of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, this date — 21 May — was a reminder “to reject outright the theory of the inevitable clash of cultures and civilizations” and “to raise awareness … [Read more...]

CornerstoneInternational Group, CHINA

Cornerstone China

Laurie O'Donnell Managing Director Cornerstone International Group Beijing, CHINA (Phone No.: +86 10 6518 3126  |*: laurie-odonnell@cornerstone-group.com)   Cornerstone International Group, China has been active in the China Market for over 22 years. We focus on Executive Search and Executive Coaching.  We have a team of over … [Read more...]