China Faces New Year and New Normal

SHANGHAI, CN, January 31, 2017 -- China’s New Year this weekend celebrates the return of the Year of the Rooster after 12 years, in line with the cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.  According to Shanghai business executive James Ng, the country addresses not only a new year but a new normal. “We are entering a crucial stage of economic transformation,“ … [Read more...]

The Cornerstone Eagle – Our Coaching Letter for Healthier Business and Life

The Cornerstone Eagle

January & February 2017 Edition   HAPPY NEW YEAR! BE HAPPY and STAY HEALTHY are the two most popular greetings and reminders we receive during the New Year. While there are many tools or wristbands that remind us daily on ways to STAY HEALTHY; but BE HAPPY is indeed much harder to do, as HAPPINESS goes very DEEP in our soul. Indeed, … [Read more...]

What is an Interim Executive & How Can Cornerstone Help?

Interim Executive

We have seen executive careers take many forms in the past.  Sometimes these career changes were caused by economic conditions, while at other times personal preferences have predominated.  Experienced executives now have a number of options when making their next career choice, which include taking a full-time position, retiring, or focusing on … [Read more...]