Cornerstone Board And CEO Advisory

Cornerstone International Group having quietly grown to one of the largest executive search and consulting organizations in the world, is frequently retained to identify and evaluate potential Outside Members for Boards of Directors, Boards of Trustees, Boards of Governors, and/or Advisory Boards in both the private and public sectors, nationally and internationally.

The increasing accountability surrounding Director appointments make this an issue of growing importance.  The days are disappearing fast when a personal reference was enough.

As a result, Boards turn to executive search organizations such as Cornerstone to locate individuals who are willing and competent to serve in various Board capacities.

We have also developed a powerful suite of services to aid in decision-making by Boards and, most notably, by the CEO.  Our CEO advisory services include peer support in the form of committees of non-competitive CEOs who meet regularly to share issues and offer advice.

The CEO support portfolio also includes assistance in strategizing business opportunities and planning an orderly succession.

Board Services for which we have been retained include:

  • Outside Director Search and recruitment
  • Board Assessment (Individual and/or Group Assessment)
  • Board Training & Development
  • Board HRIS (Litigation Mitigation)
  • Strategic & Succession Planning
  • Reference Checking & Board Compensation
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting
  • Change Management & Outplacement
  • Leadership Audits & Evaluations
  • Turnaround Management

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