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Many lead by example. Unfortunately, not everyone will follow the example you set, especially if you are new to the organization. Improve that by understanding context and vocabulary and changing frameworks, the narrative and processes – in that order. One of the main insights from my executive onboarding work over the past decade goes to the … [Read more...]

The Cornerstone Eagle – Our Coaching Letter for Healthier Business and Life

The Cornerstone Eagle

January & February 2017 Edition   HAPPY NEW YEAR! BE HAPPY and STAY HEALTHY are the two most popular greetings and reminders we receive during the New Year. While there are many tools or wristbands that remind us daily on ways to STAY HEALTHY; but BE HAPPY is indeed much harder to do, as HAPPINESS goes very DEEP in our soul. Indeed, … [Read more...]



Hire for Culture Fit – if You Have One Many hiring managers or HRDs have trouble explaining or describing their companies' culture. No surprise there, but it does make it hard to ensure that your new high – value hires are going to fit right in – if you yourself are not sure what they will be fitting right into. When describing their cultures, … [Read more...]



Attracting exceptional people to work with you is a key characteristic of an outstanding leader.  The question is, how do you select the best people internally, or if necessary,hire them externally –and, as is often the case, quickly? The evidence shows that this is not an easy task:  Peter Drucker, “the man who invented management,” estimated that … [Read more...]

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Laurie O'Donnell Managing Director Cornerstone International Group Beijing, CHINA (Phone No.: +86 10 6518 3126  |*:   Cornerstone International Group, China has been active in the China Market for over 22 years. We focus on Executive Search and Executive Coaching.  We have a team of over … [Read more...]