Cornerstone CEO Connection

“From Good to Great” is a universal aspiration of CEOs and Business owners alike.

Cornerstone CEO Connection Helps CEOs and Their Companies Succeed

Corporate success is measured by many metrics: the bottom line, shareholder satisfaction, client loyalty, staff dedication – and the ability of senior management to bring everything together to achieve results.  The Cornerstone CEO Connection (CCC) program is a forum where CEOs, in consultation with thought leaders and specialists, come together to become informed, to connect with one another, and to be inspired by the resolution of mutual challenges.

Most listed companies and large corporations provide CEOs with an inner circle of advisors or independent directors with whom they can discuss issues and seek advice. But advisory boards of this nature usually cost millions annually and are not easy to build. CCC helps CEOs set their companies on the road to success by providing members with the benefits of independent advisory boards, but without the encumbrances.  ,

CCC Board Members Meet 5 Times a Year

Each CCC Board Meeting is chaired by a CEO coach who uses CCC Problem Solving Methodology and Executive Coaching techniques  to address “issues and solutions” within the group. In addition to the five group meetings, three additional one-on-one mentoring sessions are available.  These optional meetings give members the opportunity to discuss personal and sensitive business issues on an individual basis.

“At each CCC meeting we provide a trusted peer mentoring environment for CEOs, executives, presidents and business owners,” says James Ng the President of CCC. “Each session is chaired by an experienced CEO Coach. Each session addresses real life business issues affecting the performance of each member’s business. Sessions begin with the participants sharing their top business issues. The CCC members select the issues to be addressed one at a time. The CEO Coach acts as facilitator, channeling questions and the sharing of possible solutions among members so each can benefit from the experience & wise counsel of the others.

James Ng  BIO

Born in Malaysia, James has lived and worked in China for some 20 years.   He is the Managing Partner of Cornerstone International Group and President of Cornerstone CEO Connection (CCC).

Previous Experience:
Most recently, as President, Home Appliances of Hong Leong Asia, he was responsible for annual sales of US$600million and 15,000 employees. Prior to Hong Leong, James was Managing Director, China and Vice President Sales, Asia Pacific of Beiersdorf.

From 2007 to 2010, he was Managing Director of Carlsberg Group China, where he led six business units including Carlsberg International Brands and all joint ventures with sales of US$ 400million and 10,000 employees. James was instrumental in transforming the fragmented and complex operations into well-synergized and profitable brewery group in China.

Prior to the Carlsberg assignment, James served as General Manager, North Asia of Detpak Packaging, American Standard China and the Sauces and Condiment division of Danone China.

His extensive board experience includes having served as Executive Director of AS-Plumbing Products (listed at GEM-Stock Exchange Hong Kong).  He has also served as Board Member of Xinjiang Hops (listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange), was Chairman of Jinsan Amoy Foods and was a Board Member of Shanghai Amoy Foods, AS (Shanghai) Pottery, AS (Tianjin) Pottery, AS(Beijing)Enamel Steel Sanitary and Gansu Huanghe Jiangniang Brewery

BBA , with honors ,National University of Malaysia
MBA with honors, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
Vice Chairman, Malaysia Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai
Fellow, The Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom
Associate Fellow, Malaysian Institute of Management

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