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Laurie O’Donnell

Managing Director

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Beijing, CHINA

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Cornerstone International Group, China has been active in the China Market for over 22 years. We focus on Executive Search and Executive Coaching.  We have a team of over 70 professional search consultants located inseven offices across China: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei and Wuhan.

 In Asia Pacific we have 18 offices, globally 70 offices in countries of Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe-MEA and Latin America. Cornerstone’s member offices are owner-managed, regional leaders and share best practices worldwide.

High-quality English speaking candidates with global experience are in high demand.

Recruiting is never an easy task; it takes a lot more than typing up a job description and screening of resumes to find and attract top talent in the China Market. The local China market is dynamic and fast moving.  Sometimes the internal hiring process in a company takes a long time (especially for companies with a global footprint) and the best candidates might opt to take a job from another firm.  (Local Chinese companies are becoming very competitive, as they also need globally minded candidates to move their companies outbound.) Many companies do not have a Human Resource Strategy and are not able to answer questions about future leadership or development opportunities.

Cornerstone International Group is dedicated to supporting your organization in the CHINA TALENT MARKET by providing service beyond the traditional executive search and evaluation process.  We do not tell you about the market, we show you the talent market by mapping the talent pool for the business critical role you need to fill. Our 22 years in the China Talent Market, our local team of over 70 Professional Consultants combined with our International Executive Team can support your Talent needs in the China and Asia Pacific Markets. We take the time to align all of your stakeholders….no matter where they are located.

This is what our clients have to say:

Cornerstone China

Mike Cooke, Global Human Resource Director,

Connexant, Irvine California, USA


“Laurie has worked with us twice in China on senior level management searches. In both instances, Laurie was as dedicated and interested in our success as if she was a member of our own staff. We presented Laurie many challenges and in all instances she exhibited patience and professionalism, working late hours, hopping on planes at a moment’s notice, seeing things through to completion. I highly recommend Laurie to assist with talent search needs in China and if the opportunity presents itself will work with her again.”

If you would like more information please email me, Laurie O’Donnell at or call me at +86 10 6518 3126

Laurie O’Donnell

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