Hire for Culture Fit – if You Have One

Many hiring managers or HRDs have trouble explaining or describing their companies’ culture. No surprise there, but it does make it hard to ensure that your new high – value hires are going to fit right in – if you yourself are not sure what they will be fitting right into. When describing their cultures, many companies, apparently, start talking about allowances if you work late and bonuses if you exceed targets. Not much “culture” there.


But survey after survey point to the right approach: it takes more than high salaries and enticing perks to engage top candidates. Terms such as “organizational values” and “culture” relate to what makes employees get up and actually enjoy going to work.


Key to Your Hiring Process

Don’t underestimate it. Projecting your company culture throughout the hiring process and providing a top candidate with an idea of the work experience he or she can expect can have an enormous effect on your success – which after all ultimately shapes the power and value of your workforce.

Managing your recruiting department and the head hunter who represents you can be crucial. The way applicants are treated is likely to influence their final decision about joining you or not. And consider this: a study shows that as many as 64.3 percent of applicants reported they would SHARE a negative experience with their inner circle. Get the recruiting process wrong and there goes your employer branding.


Projecting your company culture throughout the hiring process and providing top candidates with an experience of your corporate culture have an enormous effect on your brand as an employer. Candidates who have positive hiring experiences throughout the recruitment process actually put more effort in AFTER BEING HIRED.

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