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Cornerstone Retained Executive Search & Recruitment

Our primary core competency is retained executive search – evaluating internal and external leadership to optimize the performance of our client organizations in the public and private sectors.

Cornerstone International Group is dedicated to providing service beyond the traditional executive search and evaluation process.  We have pioneered a “real-time feedback” system for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of our service.

We hand-pick each of our search professionals on the basis of recommendations from Selection Committees and Senior Executives. Selection criteria include (1) superlative and consistent service, (2) clarity and user-friendly communications, (3) personal character and integrity.

Our hand-picked consultants follow a rigorous process that has been established through an exchange of best practices over 25 years, yet is flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs [of the client brief.] of individual clients.

A portfolio of very powerful, tightly-targeted programs reinforces our search process.  These programs include:

  • A proprietary assessment procedure and tools.  This assessment defines not only the candidate but measures his/her capabilities against a precise analysis of the requirements for the specific position.
  • Coaching.  We have a complete, certified coaching service delivered by ICF certified coaches.
  • Five-Star process.  This is a customized, five-step procedure aimed at obtaining the maximum degree of success.
  • Cornerstone Plus.  This is a fully integrated service combining our highly successful search process with onboarding coaching to assure a rapid start.

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