THE CORNERSTONE EAGLE – March 2017 Edition

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Our mind is very powerful. Yet, if you are like most people, you probably spend very little time reflecting on the way you think. After all, who thinks about thinking? This March issue of Eagle REMINDS us to pause a while, and reflect on the relationship between thoughts and actions, and perhaps consider some adjustment for the better. The … [Read more...]



Attracting exceptional people to work with you is a key characteristic of an outstanding leader.  The question is, how do you select the best people internally, or if necessary,hire them externally –and, as is often the case, quickly? The evidence shows that this is not an easy task:  Peter Drucker, “the man who invented management,” estimated that … [Read more...]

HRD Can Help CEOs Succeed – Cornerstone

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Two recent studies suggest a seldom-spoken secret about leadership: in essence, the corner office may not be the source of strength we assume it is, but a weak link in the chain. The first study was Cornerstone International Group’s annual Cornerstone global probe. We were looking for solutions HRDs could implement to help CEOs /Business Division … [Read more...]

CornerstoneInternational Group, CHINA

Cornerstone China

Laurie O'Donnell Managing Director Cornerstone International Group Beijing, CHINA (Phone No.: +86 10 6518 3126  |*:   Cornerstone International Group, China has been active in the China Market for over 22 years. We focus on Executive Search and Executive Coaching.  We have a team of over … [Read more...]