Best Executive Search Firms 2017

Cornerstone International Group has been named in the top 20 of America’s Best Executive Search Firms 2017 by Forbes, publisher of Forbes, Forbes Asia, Forbes Europe and It was the second nomination for Cornerstone which in April 2016 ranked Cornerstone as one of the top 7 firms in a list of the Best Management Consulting Firms in … [Read more...]

Join Now The Cornerstone 2017 Spring Global Business Survey

OUR 11th CORNERSTONE GLOBAL BUSINESS SURVEY STUDIES (Spring 2017 Edition)  Join the Cornerstone global survey and the survey ONLY takes 4 minutes to complete and the brief survey is open to all senior managers and executives. The questionnaire can be completed anonymously,  if you would like a copy of the summary report, please leave your … [Read more...]

Cornerstone Coaching Tips For General Managers

Cornerstone Group

Many lead by example. Unfortunately, not everyone will follow the example you set, especially if you are new to the organization. Improve that by understanding context and vocabulary and changing frameworks, the narrative and processes – in that order. One of the main insights from my executive onboarding work over the past decade goes to the … [Read more...]

What is an Interim Executive & How Can Cornerstone Help?

Interim Executive

We have seen executive careers take many forms in the past.  Sometimes these career changes were caused by economic conditions, while at other times personal preferences have predominated.  Experienced executives now have a number of options when making their next career choice, which include taking a full-time position, retiring, or focusing on … [Read more...]



Hire for Culture Fit – if You Have One Many hiring managers or HRDs have trouble explaining or describing their companies' culture. No surprise there, but it does make it hard to ensure that your new high – value hires are going to fit right in – if you yourself are not sure what they will be fitting right into. When describing their cultures, … [Read more...]